It’s amazing how much we take for granted in our lives. I sometimes find myself bitching and whining in my head about nonsense and then someone walks by me with only one arm, and I thank my lucky stars, and curse myself for being such a spoiled brat. Why is it that so often we aren’t aware of the beautiful simplicities in our lives, until we see someone that is less fortunate than ourselves? And even though all of our experiences, trials, and tribulations are unique, and some more painful or difficult than others, I am fairly certain that we should be able to find one little thing every day to be thankful for.
From years spent listening to my elders, I know that as we grow older and spend more time on this planet, our appreciation for life broadens because our lives begin to shorten, and something we once found insignificant becomes beautiful and fleeting. But I think I want to get a jump start on the awareness and appreciation that comes with age and experience, I want to feel that depth and richness of life now. I don’t want my youth to be wasted on me.















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Little girl (pink jacket), in photo above, reminds me of you, way back. I had a long dream about your mom the other day… just realized that it’s around her b-day (can’t remember the exact date), yours (Feb 14) is hard to forget. Decided to check your website to see how things are going for you in NYC. I’m so happy to find that you have a passion & talent for photography.
Niki lives in the w village as well – 11th st… you should get in touch with her…. Hope life & NY are treating you kindly & you are enjoying yourself here. Love to you – Jerilyn

Jerilyn added these pithy words on Jan 13 09 at 6:04 pm

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