After a busy holiday, a new camera, and a trip to Hawaii, I’m finally back in the freezing cold, absolutely wonderful groove of New York City. It hurts me when I haven’t been out on the streets shooting for a while, I ache. I needed to get out there, so early evening on Saturday I grabbed my camera and fingerless gloves and walked about 67 blocks up town, and despite the fact that the tips of my fingers, thighs, and ass were burning from the cold, I was so happy.
The cold bothered me so much more last year, but I like it a lot this year, it’s waking me up. There’s nothing more eye opening then getting slapped in the face with a two degree gust of wind rushing down 8th ave at 8am in the morning. And I love the thaw too, the warm tingling you get when you finally get into some place warm, your cheeks glow, your hands loosen back up, your ears are on fire, it’s so enlivening.
I’m glad to be home.





















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