You really have to have a pair to make shit happen on this planet. Figuratively speaking. You have to challenge your fears head on. The more afraid you are of something, the harder you should push yourself to overcome that anxiety, and the more rewarding the outcome will be in the end. I’m not talking about the fear that comes along with walking down a dark alley, don’t push yourself to do that. I’m talking about the fears that hinder us from accomplishing our goals. The fears that stop us from going on a job interview because we think we’re not good enough for the position.  The fears that prevent us from speaking our mind, or asking a question, or letting love in. Defy those uncertainties, and you will feel so free,  you’ll see that your success is limitless.
I have to battle doubts about life all the time. Some struggles I win because I devote all I am to victory, and some I lose and I will try to face them again in the future. But when I’m successful in tackling a fear, the pinhole that I look at life through gets a little bit bigger. My coping skills get a little better. I find more minutes in my day to be relaxed and happy.  I become stronger.
We have to be tough. Not hard, but tough. Fierce, and fervent towards creating lives we want to live. This is our one shot, so we better kick some ass.

























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I really like the photos, great job!
Greetings from Sweden.

Mijou added these pithy words on Aug 28 09 at 6:40 am

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