Belief has been the topic of my week. I’ve gotten into a few discussions, which got a bit heated because the beliefs were not shared, and when two people don’t share a belief, they both use their energy to convince the other that their belief is right, and the other’s is wrong.  It would probably be more useful if we spent a little bit more energy listening, and trying to understand one another’s beliefs, rather than trying to disprove them. I have fun believing in a lot of different things, magic, aliens, the holographic universe, vitamins, true love, that’s the way I am, there’s more positivity in belief, it’s a little more entertaining to me than disbelief. I am not bound to my beliefs like an addict, they change with my growth, I refuse to be afraid to change my views or beliefs about anything. I do think it’s unfortunate that people find it so difficult to acknowledge the beliefs of others simply because they don’t share the same views. I wasn’t raised in a religious home, I was raised to learn all that I can, and to find my path my own way, and even though I don’t know enough about religion to believe in it, I never doubted the beliefs of anyone who celebrated Jesus, or God, or the Virgin Mary, their beliefs are held so close to their heart, who am I to give my small, insignificant opinion about something that brings so much joy and beauty to people. Jesus seems like he was an amazing person. That being said, what’s the difference between believing in the existence of Jesus or presence of aliens, or the existence of someone who can levitate? Why is one person’s belief s disregarded, and one’s celebrated based on the commonality or popularity of the belief? Why do we want to impart our own beliefs on everyone else? Why do we think we know so much, when really, we know absolutely nothing outside the realm of our small existence? I love life, it’s fun believing in things that aren’t right in front of me, it opens my mind up to new ways of thinking, I get to explore the space outside the box, which is infinitely vast. But please, please, if you don’t believe in something that someone else does, don’t say anything negative, don’t impart what you think you know on them, don’t ruin their smile, it will never change their mind; it will only give them a bad day.
























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Oustanding photos! I wish I lived in NYC. I’d never stop shooting. Your newstand and fruit stand shots are my favorites, but I love them all. My one visit to NYC was cameraless. What a shame!

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Brian Humek added these pithy words on Jul 10 08 at 11:27 am

Your blog is interesting!

Keep up the good work!

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AlexM added these pithy words on Aug 17 08 at 8:55 am

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