It’s so important for me to challenge myself, or to be challenged by someone else. Not challenged in the way that someone should push my buttons and confront my opinions,  just that they demand strength and bravery from me. I find myself floundering aimlessly when I don’t have a difficult goal to accomplish. I get really bored. I think that’s true for most people on the planet, they’re bored. It’s tough to give yourself a demanding objective, so people wait for others to give them one, and that rarely happens so people just stay uninterested.
Not all challenges are awesome life changing quests, most are not. But learning to recognize and embrace the day to day challenges can be equally rewarding. Reading a book instead of watching TV, walking instead of taking the subway, deciding to give up a bad habit. Accomplishing those modest aspirations can make you feel so good.
But it’s when you really decide to take on something big that you become a powerhouse. Although, for some reason, the older we get the less likely we are to leave our comfort zone and search out an exigent feat. It’s so incredible when you see an adult push themselves, like learning to play an instrument, or studying another language. It’s outstanding to watch them follow through, even though they feel like their brains will never grasp what is being taught to them, they drive through that painful learning process and conquer their goal. Brilliant.
These challenges become addicting when you get the taste for victory. Then comes the battle against the clock. That fleeting time you grasp for when you’re trying to get something accomplished. If only we didn’t need sleep, we would all be geniuses. But the time constraint won’t stop me. It is just another part of the riddle that is life, and my challenge is to try and solve it.





















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