It’s really difficult to make decisions in this life and not question whether or not you made the right one. You can only take comfort in the certainty that nothing is a sure thing, there is no perfect choice.
There are some paths in my life that have crossed me like a freeway, welcoming me along the open road. I choose that path with confidence. I can feel it in my gut when a clear path is in front of me, I just know it’s right. But then there are these other muddled little paths, dark and stumbly with roads intersecting, and I see them all blurry like I slept in my contacts. It’s when I have to choose one of those squirrely little trails that I get all jammed up.
I was recently faced with having to choose one of these uncertain paths, and I was very doubtful of my verdict. I thought I came to it with reason and sense, but when the choice was made, I felt crushed. I have since spent a fair amount of time torturing my mind with doubt and regret. Somewhere inside me I know I made the right decision, but the emotional affect of that choice has prevented me from recognizing that.
But like I said; we can all take comfort in the unknown, because it’s the only thing we can actually count on. Sometimes it’s the hardest choices that lead us to the most rewarding outcome.



















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Comments ( 3 )

Erin, it’s good to see you posting pictures again. Welcome back.

Gregg added these pithy words on Jan 20 11 at 3:58 pm

This post and these pictures spoke to me. Beautiful work.

Sherry added these pithy words on Aug 02 11 at 1:06 pm

Great images! Especially like the black and white images with the shadows of the trees and the silhoutte of a man in the bus/metro. Great blog!

PixelToko added these pithy words on Feb 08 12 at 1:08 am

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