The city is filled with so many spectacular colors, it’s amazing. I’m definitely going to make color a reoccurring post on this blog. There’s so many different levels of color here, from the primary to the earth tones, each one richer than the next. And each color changes with the light. When it’s cloudy and wet, the older brick buildings look like they’re made of clay, it seems as if the water soaks into them and creates natural paint pots that you can run your fingers across and pull off the color. When the sun is out, and the light is hard, it’s the primary colors that pop, colors coming from finger puppets, or scarves, or hand bags sold from street vendors, hot dog carts and flowers outside of bodegas. It’s endless.

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i love this one…great eye

serena added these pithy words on Jun 16 08 at 9:25 pm

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