There’s something so beautiful about doing what you love to do. Whether it’s watching TV, composing a masterpiece or eating cold grapes, such a wonderful feeling accompanies it. And you know you really love it, when you never want to stop doing it.
It’s so important for us to have these things we love in our lives, to cultivate them, and protect them from the mundane and cynical. We even need to shield the things we love from age. I still adore swinging on swing sets, and I refuse to stop doing it just because I might look a little silly to someone else. And no matter who I’m with or what I’m doing, if I see a swing set that my ass can fit on, you better believe that the next twenty minutes of my life are going to be filled with giggles and blowing hair.
Sometimes I forget how much I love something, and it’s a wistful memory that brings it back to me. I walked by a bakery yesterday and inhaled the most delicious smelling apple pie, and it made me remember how much I loved to peel apples with my step-mom’s old peeler when she made pie. Watching the skin of the apple twist it’s way to the floor in one long piece. I haven’t done that in ages.
I know all of our lives are filled with work and responsibilities,  especially now when our futures are less lucid. But if we can just hold on to the details in life that we love so much; the touch of someone’s hand on our shoulder, running, chocolate and peanut butter, a really big glass of good red wine, then I think it will lighten our load a little bit. Savor the moments you love, take them slowly, appreciate them, bask in them. I think it will make the tedious everyday stuff, less noticeable.

























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Comments ( 3 )

I’m absolutely in awe of the stillness and quietude you capture in such a busy, loud, chaotic city. Thank you so much for sharing!

ann added these pithy words on Apr 03 09 at 11:12 am

How I wish I can afford to come back home…your photos make me extremely homesick. I love them.

Robin C. Rock added these pithy words on Apr 14 09 at 4:39 pm

Very interesting site, Hope it will always be alive!

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mark added these pithy words on Apr 16 09 at 2:19 am

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