Even though I know it snows here, the east coast, I sort of forgot about it, until I woke up on Sunday to a beautiful fresh white blanket of the stuff. It was about 8 am, god knows I can’t sleep past 8, it sucks for anyone sleeping with me, I’m up and ready, the day is short and I have exploring to do!
I really didn’t realize how cold it was going to be. Snow here in NY seems colder than the snow in Big Bear, or Mountain High, an hour out of LA I was snowboaarding in a Beastie Boys t-shirt and suspenders. New Yorkers don’t have that perk. It’s f-ing cold here. My nose burns. Awesome.
So I strolled around Tribeca, so quiet, the usual Saturday dads and strollers weren’t out, just some real New Yorkers who are ready and waiting for winter, excited about the season and the beauty it brings. I stayed out for a bit, and then got a coffee and then realized that inside made me happier than outside right then, so I stayed cozy for the rest of my Sunday.
But I await the beauty and the adventure of the next snow fall, hopefully it’s on a weekend, so i can play in it!

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