There are so many levels of meaning to the word honesty, it is so deep, and each person in this world has their own emotion about what role honesty plays in their lives.
I had a disagreement with an old friend last weekend because I was so unsettled by his lack of self awareness and humility, his failure to be honest with me and himself got me so upset, that I did not hold back in letting him know how much. I’m not saying I know enough about life to lecture someone on sincerity, that’s just it, I admitantly believe I know nothing in the face of all that this giant universe has to offer, so it blows my mind when I come across people who think they have nothing to learn. I believe the only way I am going to learn anything in this short life is if I am honest about not knowing shit.
It’s also so much more endearing to spend time with someone who is open about what they don’t know, instead of touting all they think they know.
The times that I find myself feeling the most foolish, actually end up being times when I am unnecessarily convicted about an opinion, and then I’m proven wrong. And the times that I feel most connected to people and experiences, are when I am completely open to learning, and welcoming of someone else’s knowledge.
We will all have to deal with honesty throughout our lives, because even though we can control how truthful we are, we will all be presented with the earnestness of others. So I suppose the way we handle others honesty, helps us understand our own.
And to be honest, I could have chilled out when I was arguing with my friend, his path is not mine, and I could have respected that.
*Note about the first set of images in the post: This is what looked to be a little drug deal in Times Square























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Lovely photos.

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I rarely comment on blogs but yours I had to stop and say Great Blog!!

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