I woke up on Monday morning to a fresh blanket of snow covering the city, it was unexpected, and beautiful. I wanted so badly to be on the middle of it, so I decided to walk to work through Central Park. I bundled up and left the house pretty early, around 7am. The sound of the city was quiet as cars moved slower through the brown slush that had started to gather on the roads and there were few people out in the world, it was a little before the rush to work usually begins.
I wandered into the desolate and peaceful park, and immediately felt like I was in a  magical forest that I had shaped in a dream.  Everything was enveloped in untouched virgin snow, with only the smallest branches on the trees showing their skin. There was a fervent wind that howled through the walkways of the park and found it’s way sharply to my ears. I was completely alone, there was not even the essence of a person around me.  I have been through Central Park countless times before, but all of my familiarity was camouflaged by snow and ice.
Halfway through my crossing I noticed a little finch in the road, just sitting there pondering it’s surroundings. I stopped to observe him for a minute, and all of the sudden a whole flock of these finches flew to my feet! I assumed they were hoping for food, but they landed on my hands and on my feet like I was snow white. I didn’t want to move from that moment, it was so enchanting.  I stood there in the stillness watching all of these gentle little birds flutter around me for as long as I could, but I had to get going, I was getting cold and I had to get to work.
The rest of my walk was reflective and tranquil, inspired by my encounter with nature, I was so happy to be alive.  I was hoping that time would stand as still as my backdrop, and that the park would never end, but I soon saw the stone wall that limits it’s reach. I crossed to the street and turned around to see where I had come from, and I cocked my head and questioned if it really existed, did I really just drift through a snowy fairy tale in the middle of New York City. Amazing.



























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[…] are two times when New York City is at it’s loveliest: in the middle of a snowstorm (c.f. March Snow), and on a misty Spring […]

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Lovely Day « A Chicken In Every Granny Cart added these pithy words on Apr 04 09 at 9:07 am

I love these pictures. You did a very very good job on them. New York is my favorite state. I’ve only been there once. I want to go back again. I would love to be there when it snows 🙂

Anna added these pithy words on Feb 11 10 at 6:32 am

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