I work up on 57th street, and I live down in Tribeca, so once a week when the weather is nice, I pick a different way to walk home. Today, after the advice from a friend at work, I decided to walk along the Hudson River. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I’ve never walked the Hudson path that far uptown before, I usually jog the path down to Battery Park.
It was amazing, and a little weird at times. The sky was peppered with clouds, but the light was beaming through like a flashlight. I came across this funky dock with tons of salvaged ship bones, and ropes, and couches, it was like a floating junk yard. But there were actually people working on it, converting this old dock into a bar. I started sneaking around trying to get some shots, but I got busted, I was ready to lay on the old  “I’m a student, sorry, I’m not from here, didn’t know I couldn’t photograph” shpiel, but they were so cool, they let me wander around the whole place, even walk up to the top of this old docked ship, it was really awesome.
I continued my walk down the path, a little melancholy for some reason, I was over-thinking the gravity of life today, I usually don’t do that. The light was slowly turning to gold, and the clouds were getting thicker. I was glad to see that there was quite a mixed bunch of people  down by the water, joggers, thinkers, dog walkers, lovers, skaters. I passed a couple of piers, crowded with people soaking up the last bit of their day. It was really nice to see so much newness, it was a really, really nice walk home.

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