Patience is something that I didn’t have much of when I lived in Los Angeles, I think it might of had something to do with the 10 freeway, but who knows. I definitely find myself a little more composed when I get frustrated here in New York. Maybe it’s because there’s so many people around, I’m not as inclined to lose my shit when something goes wrong. In Los Angeles, you’re mostly confined to your bubble of a car, a safe little haven of cursing and flipping people off, where you can release all your rage with the AC on.
There’s a couple of things in New York City that definitely test my ability to keep cool. I thought I’d share one with you. Now mind you, it might sound absurd when actually written down, so don’t judge me. One of them is this; walking up the stairs, ascending from the uncomfortably warm subway station and finding myself stuck behind a very slow person who has to start texting before they even see the light of day. I find myself behind them willing them to move faster with all my might pushing the air with my hands as if I was giving them a mental nudge, unfortunately that never works, they climb at their own pace and then stop at the top, right in the middle of the stairs, and try to figure out which side of the street they’re on without moving out of the way. Yay.
Like I said, it does sound trite when I read it back to myself, but I can’t really deny that it happens.
Every city has their annoying little quirks that come out over time, when the honeymoon is over, and your faced with the every day of it. But I guess you learn to fall in love with those flaws, it’s the next chapter in the relationship, the one that solidifies the loyalty. And the ones that leave their city, and find those flaws too much to take, well, I guess the city and them weren’t meant to be together.













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Comments ( 2 )

Ah, yes. Patience. I wish I had more of it. Myself, I like to walk up the escalator. Customarily, people stand on the right, and walk on the left. I have little patience for the folks standing on the left hand side.

You have a lot of photos that I like. I especially liked the Asian restaurant worker, and the boy sitting on the stoop.

fletcher added these pithy words on Jul 26 08 at 11:22 am

holy shit, thats me! the guy with the light blue shirt, last photo! wow i didnt even know she was taking a photo of me..

brody added these pithy words on Sep 07 08 at 5:49 am

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