Every Saturday for me is like Christmas morning, I get so excited to get out into the city, I can barely sleep past 8am, even if I have a hangover. It’s very still on Saturday mornings in Manhattan, there’s not a lot open, and the people of the city are usually recovering from their Friday nights.
I get up, grab my camera, get my coffee and sit on a bench outside and figure out where I’m going to wander off to. The lighting is a little gold, the weather is usually mild, not too hot and accompanied by a morning breeze. All of the street vendors are setting up their tables full of wares, the summer outdoor markets and street fairs are starting to prepare their foods, and there’s a faint smell of egg and cheese on a roll on every block. It’s wonderful.
Throughout the day, throughout the miles of walking, you can encounter so many different activities, from concerts in central park, to sailing lessons on the hudson, there’s something for all of us. I love that everyone seems so happy on Saturday, you can just feel the cumulative joy exuding from the city. And then there’s the food, street carts with roasted nuts and grilled meets, endless outdoor cafe’s to brunch at, gourmet delis, bakeries, italian ices, the smells permeate my journey through the city. And even though I’m spending my Saturday alone, I never once feel lonely.





















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Gerald added these pithy words on Jul 13 08 at 3:49 pm

Love the lead in text…and great images. Makes me want to get back to NYC and see my family there.

ROB added these pithy words on Jul 15 08 at 5:53 pm

I love your pictures. I’m going to NYC for a summer photography program, I hope to take pictures as good as yours!

Keep up the amazing photos.

Sarah Choi added these pithy words on Feb 18 09 at 1:25 am

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