Man, there’s a lot of shit to buy in this city. It’s unbelievable how many adorable boutiques there are, each one stocked with loads of beautiful crap to lure you inside. Every neighborhood has it’s own cluster of stores all with their very own look and style. It’s overwhelming. The stuff is expensive too. You start getting used to seeing t-shirts for a hundred bucks, so when you see one for eighty you get excited. That’s kind of on the cheap side of expensive too. The average price of a nice blouse is about $200. It’s tough when I’m in one of these stores and I see a tiny sprite of a girl who looks twelve bringing a handful of clothes to the register and I’m waiting behind her with my one little sale item from last season. It’s not that I’m broke, I just feel guilty spending money sometimes. But I have to get over that, what the hell do I work for?!
There’s boutiques here that end up revolving too. One month it’s a hipster store overflowing with boat shoes and jumpsuits and the next moth it’s a wine bar. Some stores only last a weekend, people set up sample sales for a couple of days and try to make some extra money before their stuff gets shipped off to Loehmann’s.
I’m not complaining, I think it’s amazing to have such a huge fashion pool to swim in. I just can’t try to keep up with the girls that are slaves to it. I have to admire them for the time and money they spend, pick up a few ideas, and execute my style in my own way. Luckily I’m more attracted to old jeans and a white t-shirt. Although, the old jeans and white t-shirt probably cost me around $500. Whatever, it’s New York!!



















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