I’ve been living in Tribeca for the past year, and it’s time for me to switch hoods.
Tribeca is wonderful, I was born in a loft on Hudson & Duane and went to elementary school down here, so I feel rather at home. It’s a pretty unique place, there’s cobble stone streets and bridge covered alleys, the architecture consists of old warehouses and factories converted into unbelievable luxury homes, it’s great. It’s great if you’re a billionaire with a hedge fund, living in a loft and have a double wide stroller and a nanny and only want to eat at one of the four over priced not so good restaurants around here. Tribeca is not so great if you’re 28 without a hedge fund, living in a stupidly expensive studio on the fifth floor of a fifth floor walk up, and the closest coffee shop closes when Wall Street closes. There’s not so much down here in the way of necessities either, I was so excited when a Whole Foods opened up about ten blocks away, I almost pissed myself. It’s also a giant pain to get a cab down here. It’s awesome.
So my lease is up, and I excitedly declined the renewal. After a wonderful charade of strange scams and shady brokers on Craigslist, I found an adorable place in the West Village, I am so thrilled to move it’s nuts. Although the actual act of packing and moving really blows, the outcome of a great new place and a cute new neighborhood with new people invigorates me. New streets to explore, new people to photograph, new inspiration, it’s going to be wonderful. It’s so interesting, that even though Manhattan is so small, you can move one neighborhood over and feel like you’re in a whole new city. Maybe I’ll try living in every neighborhood in Manhattan, then I can really call myself a New Yorker.
So this is my last post from my apartment in the middle of nowhere.
Goodbye Tribeca, I promise I’ll come and visit.





























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Nice pictures !

milardello added these pithy words on Dec 28 08 at 4:14 am

Blog very interesting.

milardello added these pithy words on Dec 28 08 at 4:17 am

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