Seasons really jump into each other here, two seconds ago I was still a little chilly in the mornings, now I wake up sweating.
Although, with summer comes so many wonderful traditions, and activities, it’s really a wonderful season. There’s so many parks in this city, little tiny parks, peppered throughout the neighborhoods, and most of them have fountains and sprinklers for it’s so nice for kids to play in, it’s really fun to watch.
The restaurants open up their patios and garden seating, there’s outdoor concerts, and softball. The only crappy thing about the warm weather is that all the smokers come out in droves. You really feel like the city smells like smoke sometimes, especially in the LES on a Friday night. It’s like Mardi Gras down there. Smoking is great, whatever, I love it, I used to smoke, it’s just yuky to walk through a cloud of it on your way into work at 8am in the morning.
I had a brilliant couple of days shooting, and the result is below. I have been all consumed with a new project at work, so my creative juices were flowing into that, instead of shooting. But we seem to have a nice handle on it, so my photographic inspiration is returning. I missed it.

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I love these pictures. I have never been to NYC, but I get a great sense of what it feels like to be there through the images you have captured. The golden hazy image is awesome!

itsmematt added these pithy words on Jun 17 08 at 2:54 pm

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