Support is such a vital part of any relationship, it is the steel bars that strengthen the foundation. When you can give someone your support, fully and unselfishly, you have the opportunity to deeply strengthen a bond. I know it’s hard sometimes, to define the line between the support of another and the compromise of yourself. But if you’re in any kind of  healthy relationship, you will feel so appreciated for giving so much. And when you see in someone’s eyes how much your support means, it almost makes you forget about yourself completely.
I do think it’s important to realize that even if we don’t believe in a loved one’s theories, or ideas, or passions, it’s still necessary to show our support for them. The support is not about us, it’s about them, that’s what is so beautiful about it. I don’t mean to say that you should support immoral behavior of course, just that if someone believes in fairies and gnomes or UFOs and you don’t, it doesn’t mean you should squash their dreams.
Your mate can be one of the most significant pieces of your life, and to cultivate a thoughtful support system within your relationship can bring in so much trust and closeness, it’s amazing. Your support of each other will allow the relationship, as well as one another, to achieve such wonderful goals. You can really see the difference between a strong relationship, and one that lacks support. You can really feel the difference.
I’m sure in the future there will be instances where I’d rather not give my support because of some selfish reason. But I’m going to do my best to see the meaning of my support in the other person. And all I can hope is that someone would do the same for me.



















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Comments ( 3 )

Thanks for posting, I really enjoyed reading your newest post. I think you should post more often, you evidently have talent for blogging!

My Amazing Weight Loss Story added these pithy words on May 29 09 at 11:51 pm

the images are stunning. i admire how you see.
the little school girl behind bars reminds me of everything i am fighting for and against in terms of equality + education. it goes without saying we build more prisons than schools. your image captures the need for quality education for all our children (see but traveling with you through new york, through humanity and light and space is stunning. thank you for sharing, erin! im going to show your blog to my students — you write with images as i ask them to write with video.

mkl added these pithy words on Jun 02 09 at 3:42 pm

great serie of instant portraits..Nice compositions and brightness.. well done post-processing..bravo!

jelb added these pithy words on Jun 04 09 at 3:11 pm

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