It’s been a while since my last post. I needed to take a break from shooting for a minute, I needed to take a quiet look at my passion for photography and figure out where I was going with it. I started to get overwhelmed with my fixations about shooting. I was beginning to forget why I fell so in love with my craft. I was losing touch with the joy it brought me. It was starting to make me angry and frustrated. I became so obsessed with some contrived vision of where I wanted to be, instead of just being. So I decided to stop, step back, and take a breath.
I put my camera away,  and I spent the last two months trying to be conscious of every moment, instead of always worrying about the next. I walked the streets without my camera, which was so hard for me, and I observed the city without feeling like I needed to capture it. I watched the people and examined the lighting. I noticed every moment that I would have frozen if I had my camera, but instead of taking the moments with me, I let them float by. I went to galleries, and instead of wondering why my work wasn’t in there, I appreciated the work that was. I read books about how to end the suffering and rid yourself of poisonous thoughts. It was really good for me.
About a month and a half had passed and I started to long for time with my camera, my city and my work. The feeling was different though, it was without anxiety and fear. There was a calm about my desire that I hadn’t felt in a while. I wanted to go out and shoot because I just missed shooting, who gives a shit if I get a photo or not. I missed walking the streets, and looking for moments. I missed the excitement I get when I see the light bouncing off a building and illuminating an entire block, or when I come across a kid so perfectly unaware and un self-conscious. I was ready to get out there again.
It was so important for me to take that breath, to pause for a moment and just be. I love photography and I don’t ever want to be so infatuated with where it takes me, that I forget how much it means to me.



























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