Ok, so this is my first Thanksgiving without family or friends, ever.
I woke up this morning to the most inspiring lighting I’ve seen in a while, sunny and a tiny bit hazy, striking really. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my camera and headed to the t-day parade, which until now, I have only seen on TV.
Meanwhile, so excited to shoot, feeling a little weird about being alone, but my excitement is taking precedent over the loneliness. I got off the train at Lincoln Center and walked up, not really finding a way in to see the action, the crowds were already dense, and it was only 8:30 am.
I finally got up to the 80’s and hopped a fence, walked up behind the balloons which were poised and waiting for their turn to parade. I kind of pretended I was press, just kept shooting. I came to this opening, jumped another tiny fence and ended up front and center with some of the best light in the area. I was enthralled.
It was amazing, the energy, the kids, the families. My loneliness was nowhere in sight, I was as happy as I could ever have imagined.
I finished shooting, went and had a nice lunch alone at Sant Ambroeus and read my Vogue, felt the beauty in the emptiness of the city, felt the sadness a little about being alone.
No pity, just a little melancholy. That being said, even when I’m sad, I am always thrilled to be alive on this planet and am thankful every day for everything I have.
Happy Thanksgiving!

This is my favorite shot of the day, his look is amazing.

This woman was so dope, that’s it.

This man was working for the parade, he was so sweet, he let me cross the police tape to shoot, he smoked a lot.

I thought this little girl was beautiful, she was so happy, I loved her.

I like the lighting above her umbrella.

He was the director for the Shrek balloon operators, he was on it.

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